Monday, July 6, 2015

Fixed mind set

I engage in discussions in forums under Literacy for Reluctant and Struggling students in Linkedin. A teacher there keeps talking about scientific method of teaching being the only way to improve literacy. When I asked her specifically and the group in general as to why the rate of illiteracy has not come down since the 1970’s she nor the group responded. I asked her why scientific method of teaching has not been implemented in schools and if it has why then there is no improvement in literacy even after George Bush’s ‘No child left behind policy’ introduced in 2001. Again there is no answer. 

Whatever I had said in Linkedin about my teaching experiences with dyslexic kids is brushed off as anecdotal and has “no place in scientific teaching”.

I find that most of these so called scientific educators in that forum are there only to sell their wares.

In the last few posts I have written about my Face Book discussion with Rova Rose- Bob  (Retired MD) who insists that the solution to illiteracy is to teach kids to handwrite alphabets fluently. This was despite the fact that I told him that I taught my daughter to read fluently without teaching her to write any of the letters. I also told him that in Malaysia most of our school going kids can write the alphabets fluently but are unable to read fluently but Rova Rose does not care to listen. One kind thing he had said is that I am logical in what I am saying..... and yet he won't listen to what I have to say.

Dr. Rova Rose keeps saying the same thing despite Kate Gladstone saying on 1.7.2015 in Bob’s face book page: "Actually, I've met seriously struggling readers who could churn out page after page of impeccable cursive or ball-and-stick printing ... and who could not read even what they had just copied."

Kate Gladstone repeated by saying: “I see kids (and grown-ups) who are whizzes at rapidly naming alphabet letters... and who cannot read, other than naming letters rapidly”.

The above incidences in Linkedin and with Rova Rose remind me of a video on You Tube which I recommend you all to watch until the end. I believe this video clearly shows that once something has been embedded in one’s mind it is almost impossible to alter it. No amount of proof is going to change Dr.Rova Rose’s stand when he says that “the best indicator of future reading success is the ability of kids to name random alphabet letters quickly. Many studies have shown that handwriting is the best way to teach letter names”.

Someone had said that handwriting is the best way to teach letter names and Bob has extended that and is now saying that handwriting is the solution to illiteracy.

Please watch the video here:

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