Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Discourse with Dr.Selznick – Shut-Down Learner Final Part & Lesson 45

Dr.Selznick: I think your approach of being clear and direct with the kids is good.  Not sure about the kids you deal with in your area, but many here could care less.  I think with your passionate approach to linguistic explanations and the evolution of the English language, I am sure they are soaking up your wisdom!

Page 104- Jack has had tutors, yet he continues to struggle and is on the verge of giving up...........

Luqman: Which dyslexic child will improve even if you have 10 tutors teaching them if none of them know how to teach him in the way he needs to be taught? If 10 teachers saw you tomorrow and asked you to write with your left hand could you do any better after the 5th teacher? Won't you feel like slapping the teacher for forcing you to write with your left hand? (At your age you might just do that but what about a 6 or 7 years old boy?)
Dr.Selznick: Brilliant!!!!  I totally agree!  Most teachers do not have any idea how to work with these kids.

Page 111- Do you think he needs anger management?

Luqman: Initially most of my students did not enjoy coming to study with me. They'd put a long face and also act angry. But all these stopped after about 3 months when I'd hear a cheerful "Hello uncle Luqman " as soon as they arrive at the gate. I therefore think that their sullen face and anger was just to distract me from their reading disability. Once they could read they did not need this 'deceptive action' any more.

Dr.Selznick:  My sense is that you are a very active and passionate teacher.  I think you work to develop a strong relationship along with the teaching.  I think you “get under their skin.”  They like that and are willing to work for you. Certainly getting some successes under their belt in reading is helpful too!

Page 125: RP says - I was told by my high school guidance teacher that I would never amount to anything because I was not college material.
Page 127: I barely got through high school. Now I am working towards my master’s degree in education.

Luqman : Doc, did you find out what caused the change. How did someone who barely got through high school get to doing Master’s in education? Where did this phonological awareness suddenly come from?

Dr.Selznick: I think with Rick it was a matter of seeing how successful he could be in other endeavours in the real world.  Not sure how he got through his Masters.  It was probably a program that was very well suited to his visual spatial – mechanical thinking brain.

Luqman:I want to thank you for your cooperation.
May the Good Lord continue his Blessings upon you and your family.

Dr.Selznick: Thank you Luqman…same to you….

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