About Me- Updated 10.3.2015

     My name is Luqman Michel @ Michael Palany. I am 62 years old. I was born in a small town -Port Dickson- in Negri Sembilan in West Malaysia. I came to Sabah, East Malaysia, in 1979 and have been here since then. I am now retired and have been teaching children with dyslexia  on a one on one basis for 11 years. I had stopped teaching 'Dyslexic' children for a while but took in one student in January this year and enjoying myself learning from him at the same time.

     My wife's name is Mariam and she too is retired, about 10 years ago, and is now a full time home-maker. We are blessed with 5 lovely children, 4 boys and a girl (the youngest). I have spent a lot of time teaching my children how to study smart and have placed great importance on their studies so that they could have a successful adult life.

     My first son - Fadhil - was the top student in Maktab Sabah in 1997 and obtained a scholarship and finished his IT degree course in West Malaysia.He is currently doing web design for touristly.com.

     My second son-Faisal- was the top student of Maktab Sabah in 1999 and the second top student in Sabah state. He went to USA on a scholarship to do computer engineering. He completed his degree and then did two masters degree and completed his Phd in computers in 2013.He is currently residing in USA and is working for Oracle which is the largest software engineering company in the world. 
     My third son -Faruq- was  one of the top students of Maktab Sabah in 2003.He has completed his degree in Material Engineering  and  a masters degree in Polymer Engineering.He is currently on secondment in Nigeria working on an FPSO.

     My fourth son- Hakim- Top student in Maktab Sabah in 2007 and top in the state. He obtained 15 A1's. He has a scholarship to do Computer engineering in France.Currently, having completed his Basic degree he is doing his masters in Computer engineering. He will complete his course in September this year.

     My youngest is a girl -Yazmin -She has just completed her first year in Medicine in a university in Malaysia.