Sunday, July 22, 2018

Why is illiteracy as high as it is?

In 2010 after having taught more than 20 children, most of whom were classified as dyslexic, I did not agree with the more than 35 year old theory that children could not read because of ‘phonological awareness deficit’ (PAD). PAD simply means ‘unable to listen to spoken sounds’. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Big Boys - people with vested interest

As I have written in my blog posts a number of times there are people with vested interest who have been opposing my findings with all kinds of excuses. Some are those who have said things quite different to what I have found and are ‘unable’ to make an about turn. But many are lured by monetary gains and therefore stick with what is wrong. Advocates of dyslexia and many who are assisted by Dyslexia Association are prevented from discussing matters with me or accepting what I have found to be true. I have written posts on this in my blog a few years ago.

Monday, July 9, 2018

A post on FB by a mother of one of my two students in 2017

Here is a Facebook post by a very happy mother of one of my students in 2017.

I had not seen her since her daughter left my house after her last lesson in July 2017.

I had arranged for a meeting with a doctor I had met on FB and this lady working for him happened to see my appointment with him and decided to message me on Whatsapp.

She suggested that I should leave a few books with her for her to sell in a shop she manages.