Monday, July 9, 2018

A post on FB by a mother of one of my two students in 2017

Here is a Facebook post by a very happy mother of one of my students in 2017.

I had not seen her since her daughter left my house after her last lesson in July 2017.

I had arranged for a meeting with a doctor I had met on FB and this lady working for him happened to see my appointment with him and decided to message me on Whatsapp.

She suggested that I should leave a few books with her for her to sell in a shop she manages.

The following is her post on FB.

XAVIERA was a Shut Down kid before. This book is about kids like her..amazing right😍
She's smart and talks a lot. But she just don't even recognised her ABC and hvg hard time to learn reading few years back. With help and love of teacher Luqman Michel ..after 3.5 months she did it tremendously.

Now, she become more happier, funner, nottier, confident and her brain creatively well functioning🤗😜
We did the intervention earlier at 6 yrs old for her as a shutdown kid @dyslexic kid after check up with Dr Fauziah, Paediatrics in Gleaneagles. Alhamdulillah 😊..

Mommies n dads..Dont give up and dont stop searching and reading.
If u hvg similarity u may get this book. I hv few copies and u can drop by at Propaxs at Jalan Pantai.
Sharing love is MAGICAL😍😘🤗
Happy Sunday to oll beautiful souls!!

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