Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Write your own book

I had written books with family words accompanied with pictures I got a village girl to draw. These were all posted in this blog hosted by 'File Den'. Unfortunately 'File Den' closed shop without notice and I lost all my books.

You may, however, prepare your own books similar to the ones I prepared using family words which are very easy for kids to learn.

For instance the first family words I introduce are:
bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat

Write the above words in big font and list it down and teach these to your kid, sounding out the sound of each of the letters.

Emphasise that the sound of the letter 'a' here is the sound as in the word ample. Tell him that there are other sounds of the letter 'a' that you will teach him at a later date. When you sound out the consonants please do not add vowel sounds to the consonants. 'F' should be sounded 'fff' and not 'fuh'. 'M' should be sounded as 'mmm' and not 'muh'. 'S' should be just 'sss' and not 'suh/ser'.

You may then prepare simple phrases or sentences with the introduction of a few sight words. These words too can be easily learned by him. Ask him to memorise these sight words as you introduce them.

Sight words to learn on the first lesson are: A, on, and.

When you introduce the word 'A' tell him that this is another sound of the letter 'a'. In British English the sound of this word is the sound as in about, around, arrive etc. In American English the sound of this word is as in ace, maze etc.

To tell him that alphabets have more than one sound is very important especially to kids who are prone to shut-down or disengage.

Tomorrow we will see how to make our own books that will be very useful to kids prone to be disengaged.

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