Sunday, April 22, 2018

Preview of my forthcoming book

This is a little advertisement of my forthcoming book which will be available by end of next month.

I have been teaching dyslexic kids for the past 14 years on a one on one basis and have observed them and interviewed them over the years even after they had been weaned from my tuition.
In 2010 I wrote to many universities, professors, government ministers and Dyslexia Associations saying why I don't agree with 'phonological awareness deficit' being the cause of dyslexia. At that time it was about 35 years since someone had said this and most professors just latched onto that theory without questioning.

I was the first person in the world to challenge that theory.

In 2015 and thereafter research papers have surfaced debunking the theory that ‘Phonological awareness Deficit ‘is the cause of kids being unable to read.

Of my approximately 50 ‘dyslexic’ kids whom I taught on a one on one basis not one had  phonological awareness deficit.

I do understand from my friends in US and UK that they have students with phonological awareness deficit. I believe the percentage of these kids cannot exceed 2%.(I have estimated it as not more than 5% in my book)

I know exactly why kids disengage from learning to read. A majority of the kids, who are classified as dyslexics, are actually just instructional casualties.

All my students whom I taught on a one on one basis could read in romanised Mandarin and
Malay which both use the same 26 alphabets as does English.

A few questions we need to ask are:

1.      Why is it that approximately 30% appear to be the National average of kids leaving school as illiterates in the English language all over the world?
2.      How is it possible that these kids can be remediated within a short period of time?
3.      How is it that despite so much advancement in technology the percentage of kids leaving school as illiterates remains the same?

Back in 2010 I also wrote about why these kids actually disengage from learning to read but there has been no research on this.

You may read what I wrote in 2010 on phonological awareness by searching for 'Luqman Phonological awareness'.

I have just finished writing my book on why 30% of kids in schools cannot read in English. It also explains how to prevent kids from shutting down/ disengaging to read.

I hope you will buy a copy when it is published by end of May and then grill me on the contents.

Then please spread the facts in my book to all your contacts.

This book is a must read for everyone involved in education and in the medical profession especially clinicians and pediatricians who diagnose kids who are unable to read.

Educators and doctors should stop lumping any and all kids who cannot read in the English language as dyslexics.

Together let us reduce illiteracy if not eradicate it.

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