Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dyslexia not linked to eyesight


A study says that dyslexia is not linked to eyesight. LINK

Many individuals and associations who have a vested interest keep posting articles that say that dyslexics have all kinds of ailments which is not true.


One such claim has been that dyslexics see words in pages jumping around and that words flow out over the edges of pages. They even do videos and post them all over the internet and dupe parents of dyslexics to go for eye tests and also to buy glasses with coloured layers which supposedly will help kids in learning to read by making the words not float about. (I looked for the video today but it is now classified as private.)

As mentioned in one of my posts, a father brought his 22-year-old son who was not a fluent reader. This young adult had glasses with coloured layers. When I asked about the glasses his father replied that his son had the glasses made in Singapore as without it he could not read well.

I had the young man read a short passage and then asked him to remove his glasses and asked him to read another passage. He read the second passage just as well as he had read the first. I then asked him if there was any difference in his eyesight – that was the last day he wore those pair of coloured glasses.

Parties with a vested interest will keep saying that “some children” and adults report benefits from using these coloured lenses or filters. Who are these ‘some children and adults”? I believe these are lies perpetrated by people who have a vested interest in keeping parents of dyslexic children away from the truth.

I have written about this in several articles in 2010. One of them can be found here: LINK

Warning: Now I have found a few who are trying to dupe the masses by saying that handwriting will improve literacy. Beware of this group of people as they are out there just to fleece the parents of kids who are struggling with reading. I have written a few articles on this. Please give me your comments.

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