Saturday, August 1, 2015

Dyslexia – News from organisations with vested interests


On 4.6.2015 I first saw an article on the internet about how dyslexics see fonts. This news was subsequently published in many magazines and newspapers. It began to appear on Facebook and an article also appeared on LinkedIn. This continued for about a month.

Many articles related to dyslexia keep surfacing periodically and I believe these are articles supported by some organisations with a vested interest.

The first article that I saw on dyslexia fonts can be found here:LINK

Subsequently, an article that appeared in the Mirror news which can be found here states:


     "Can you read the 'dyslexic font'? New typeface shows how frustrating  condition is"

And then it progressed to:


    "This Designer’s Typeface Lets Anyone Experience Life with Dyslexia"


Then came news in International Business Times. LINK

The Washington Post (Blog) came up with another headline. This post was subsequently removed.


    "Powerful images show what it's like to read when you have dyslexia"


Many other news reports continued being published for about one month.


NOW my question: Has any Dyslexia Association in the world come out and said that the above is not dyslexia? If not, why haven’t they?


I have taught dyslexic students for the past 11 years and not one of them complained about not being able to see the alphabet fully.


I believe that there are organisations/people with vested interests that go about creating such news for their selfish motives.


What is next? A remedy to overcome this problem? How much will that cost?

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