Sunday, September 6, 2015

Shame avoidance

The following is taken from 'Children of the Code'

Here are some of the things the 6 kids in the video above said:

Kid No.1: I’d make a scene …... I would act out….just rebel…I was just embarrassed
Kid No2: I just make up an excuse, I say I don’t have glasses with me, that normally worked but I don’t wear glasses.
Kid no.3: I usually slump down on my seat where they couldn’t see me. If they wanted me to read I’d pretend that I am figuring out something ….It’s pretty much what I have been doing for as long as I know.
Kid No.4: Go to restroom…… turn my head down …make like I was not paying attention so they won’t call me.
Kid No.5: I will go to the bathroom and stay until it was time and come back in.
Kid No. 6: I will act like I was asleep so they would not call on me

My Comment: These kids all look like normal kids. Did anyone of the learned men who interviewed these kids find out why the kids, in the first place, went into this ‘shame mode’? What prevented them from learning to read?

Here are some of the things the ‘learned men’ in the video said:

Dr. Mark T. Greenburg

When children are not able to meet the challenges of the complex processes of reading not only they begin to say things to themselves – I’m no good or I can’t do this – which inhibits their ability to maintain attention …… but over time they begin to develop an aversion to certain context and to sitting down and looking at books.

Dr. Donald Nathanson

Wouldn’t a child be stupid to voluntarily do something that is going to humiliate him?

James Wendorf

Kids are not dumb, they know when something is not working and they know what is going to hurt.

Siegfried Engelmann

They will escape from a situation one way or another.

My comment: Aren’t these professors stating the obvious? Why don’t they state the solution? After so  many years nobody is the wiser.
Isn’t it ironical that the learned men sound so wise and yet they are only stating the obvious?
For how many more years are we going to do research on this?


Luqman Michel said...

Here is something related to my post above:

Luqman Michel said...

These so-called learned men have not learned anything new.
Children will continue shutting down just like the kids mentioned above because the root cause of them shutting down has not been eradicated.