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Links listed in my book on Shut Down Kids

Reading my book on shut down kids without listening to the links referred in the book will be futile.
The links are listed according to the pages of the book. I have listed them here so that you may view them by clicking on the links below.

I have now added links to comments on my book and my responses.Please scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the links provided.

 Part 1


                                                       (page 16)

 The above page has been removed.

(www.eyemagazine.com)               (page 44)

Part 2


My daughter and I managed to get the above site teaching sounds of alphabets  to be deleted.
(Page 63)


 My daughter and I managed to get the above site teaching sounds of alphabets  to be deleted.

(Page 64)


Click on the video on the above page and listen to the video from minute 1.24 to 2.56.

The word blue has only 2 phonemes and not three as stated in the video. However, what is more important is the fact that when one pronounces the phonemes as buh luh oo (as in the video) the kids who are predisposed to shutting down will definitely shut down as they simply cannot understand how buh luh oo is combined to make the sound blue.

The two phonemes of the word blue are bl and ue.
‘Bl is a consonant blend – it makes one sound as in bl- ame. (Blame) or bl –ind (blind)

‘ue’ is a vowel digraph and it has one sound. In the word blue is has the ‘oo’ sound. It can also have the ‘you’ sound as in Statue.

In other words Blue is made of two sounds – bl and ue and not 3 sounds as in the video.

Kids predisposed to shutting down shut down when the teacher teaches the sounds of blue as 'buh luh oo' instead as bl -ue.

Yes, please listen to the relevant part of the video which is from 1.24 to 2.56.

(Page 69)


The above video teaching wrong sounds of alphabets was removed by 
the  user almost as soon as my book was out.
(Page 70)

Part 4


The above video was downloaded from Face Book.
(Page 107)


Not one of my students saw letters the way it is depicted in the above video. If dyslexics are 20% of the population does it mean they see words the way it is depicted here?
(Page 111)


The above clip is the latest definition of dyslexia: 
Scientists say they may have discovered the potential cause of dyslexia. Furthermore, the cause of the affliction is hidden in tiny cells in the human eye that could be treatable.

A new research by two scientists from the University of Rennes in France shows that dyslexia may be the cause of inability to spot clearly. After conducting a study with afflicted participants, the research team observed that most people with dyslexia have dominant spots in both their eyes.
The presence of dominant spots causes dyslexic people to see blurred images that lead to their confusion with letters and consequently with writing, spelling or reading.

(Page 112) 

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