Sunday, June 10, 2018

Dyslexia and eye convergence issues

The big boys with vested interest had convinced the world for more than 35 years when, in 2010, I challenged the theory that dyslexia is the cause of phonological awareness deficit.

Now that that theory has been debunked they have come up with another new theory.

Their latest definition which they are convincing schools, is that 98% of kids who cannot read is because they are unable to focus both eyes on the same letter.

Here is one conversation on messenger I had with a ‘tester’.


“I have some very exciting trials happening in schools right now which show that virtually all struggling readers have a vision problem.”


“This is my first formal trial that will be published. Other trials I’ve done have had good results but I didn’t publish the data.

My research has found 98% of children who are behind in reading have convergence issues. For those children improving their convergence is essential before they will become fluent readers.

Convergence is the ability to focus both eyes on the same letter. When these children read each eye is looking at a different letter.

By strengthening the eye muscles. (With vision therapy) Obviously I recommend playing my program Engaging Eyes for this. But there are also other alternatives.

Google “convergence insufficiency “ and “erratic eye movements “ and you will start to find stuff.

But I am really the expert in this. But, like you through practical experience with kids and not with academic research.”

My comments: 
1. I simply cannot imagine 20% of kids having an eye convergence problem. I have successfully taught about 50 kids since 2004 and I honestly did not know I had corrected their eye convergence problem. I thought all these kids were instruction casualties like I wrote in by book 'Shut Down Kids'.

2. So here is another way for parents of shut down kids to waste their money - go for 'Engaging Eyes' programme.

3. If 98% of struggling kids are struggling because of 'convergence insufficiency' what happened to the kids who had phonological awareness deficit?

4. How did Florida university (as mentioned in my book) bring almost all the struggling kids to grade level. I did not read anything about 'eye convergence' test.

My Face Book friend says that the above is her personal effort but I have my doubts.
We will have a look at the website she sent me in my next post.

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