Thursday, September 20, 2018

Phonics video that should be banned

The above is just one video to support my post yesterday. How does a teacher know what is the correct way to teach phonemes of alphabets?

My friend Ms Rose Hsu was honest in coming out to say she had made a mistake and taught phonemes of alphabets wrongly. 

Naïve parents let their children listen to videos, such as above, thinking that they will learn the alphabet sounds little realizing that many of them will be confused and end up shutting down from learning to read. The way phonemes are taught in many schools is more or less like that on the video.

The above video was published on Jan 20, 2014
There are 4.7 million views as at 20.9.2018.
There are more thumbs up than thumbs down.

About 30% of kids who are predisposed to shutting down will shut down when they have heard this video. They will be confused as the sounds of letters are taught wrongly.

Here are a few examples from the video.
Ah ah ah for apple?

Is ‘ah’ the correct phoneme (sound) for ‘A’ as in apple?

The alphabet ‘A’ has at least 5 different sounds.
i.                     ‘A’ as is apple
ii.                   ‘A’ as in Around
iii.                  ‘A’ as in Able.
iv.                 ‘A’ as in also
v.                   ‘A’ as in arm

Kids predisposed to shutting down are bound to shut down and will stop learning if and when alphabet sounds are taught wrongly as above. This is happening in many schools all over the world.

All the consonants are taught wrongly with added vowel sounds.
The letter ‘C’ is sounded out as ‘kah’, ‘kah’ ‘kah’ for cat.
This is ‘murder’ of phonemes. Yet, there are so many comments saying that this video is good for children.

How about ‘Fa’, ‘Fa’ ‘Fa’ for frog?
And ‘Ga’, ‘Ga’ ‘Ga’ for girl; ‘Ha’ Ha’ ‘Ha’ for hat?

This video should not have been allowed to be aired but it has been around for more than 4 years.

A few years ago, when I had posted something similar on LinkedIn a few teachers had asked me as to what then is the correct way to teach the letter sounds. Here are two videos on how to teach some of the alphabets. 

Check that the teacher in the video below says that no vowel sound should be added to consonants.

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