Monday, May 15, 2023

Photocopy of my books ‘Teach your child to read’

On 19.2.2023 a lady from San Francisco messaged me on FB messenger. She said that she saw my post on a chat site and liked what I said about teaching dyslexic kids. She added that she is looking for help as the school system has no idea how to teach her 11-year-old grandson.

She told me how her grandson sounded out the sounds represented by the letters and I knew that that was the problem with him not being able to read.

We exchanged WhatsApp numbers and soon after started to get her to follow my lessons on my blog.

She taught her grandson how to read and how to memorise the Dolch words following my blog posts and my YouTube videos.

On 2.4.2023 she asked me to courier her the books she had been following on my blog. I said the book are free of charge but she must pay for the courier charges which will be expensive. She agreed and I posted three sets of three books per set to her. One set for her and one set for her grandson and another set for her granddaughter who also has a reading problem.

She said that the physical books are a big help and easy for the kids to read from them rather than from the computer.

There are many parents who are following my lessons and I believe they will also benefit if they get hold of the physical copy of my books.

The lady from SF has agreed to photocopy my books and post to anyone in the US who may want to use my books to teach their shut down kids. (Shut down kids are kids who have disengaged from learning to read due to confusion. Many of these kids are wrongly classified as dyslexic).

Anyone interested in a photocopy of my books may pay photocopying charges and postage directly to my friend in SF. Write to me and I will give you her email address.

She is in the process of finding out the cost of photocopying and postage.


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