Sunday, May 28, 2023

Testimonial from California


The following is an email from someone I met through a chat group. She contacted me and asked if I could help to teach her grandchildren.

I would like to thank Michel Luqman for all he has done to help my grandson Aidan who is 11 years old has an IEP with Dyslexia and was reading at a 3rd grade level and my granddaughter Lyla who is 8 years old and reading at a 1st grade or below level.  Both my grandkids live in Arizona and I am in California.

I tried to do some teaching on zoom using sight words with my grandson and some reading from beginner reading books but he would get frustrated and mad at me, all we did was argue. My grandson was very angry and hated to read. He was very frustrated and I finally got him some tutoring, (by the way I could not afford the lessons, but had to do something as the schools were not) from someone on zoom online who taught the Barton method. I was told it would take at least a year for my grandson to read. Well after a few lessons my grandson refused to listen to the teacher and refused to do the lessons. He had obviously shut down.

I was very fortunate to meet Michel through a group chat about teaching kids to read with Dyslexia. I live in California, USA and Michel is in Malaysia. There is a big time difference and I sent him a note that I needed help and we spoke over the phone. He offered help completely free.

It was a miracle, truly and I sent Michel a zoom link and we did the first lesson online with my grandson in Arizona and Michel told me how to do the lessons myself and I work with my grandson and granddaughter twice a week consistently.

The only thing I have paid for was the postage of the books. Michel sent me 9 books that he originally started out with and they work great. I got a set for both of my 2 grandkids and 1 for myself and I find when they have a book to read from in front of them. It works even better.

I have seen a great improvement with both of my grandkids reading in the short 4 months I have been working with them.

My grandson is doing better in school. He has a better self image and he is already on book number 3. My granddaughter is in book number 2.

Both of my grandkids look forward to their weekly lessons on zoom and so do I.

The main thing is not only am I teaching my grandkids to read but improving that they believe in themselves and have a great self image. 

I am very grateful to Michel and his non profit and if anyone in the United States wants a copy of his 3 books I would be happy to copy and send it to you. I would just charge for the coping and postage. I can be reached at

Thank you again Michel.

Kind Regards,

Cindy Friedberg

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