Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Phonics and Pinyin.

The following are video clips taken from Face Book where teachers from China are screwing up Pinyin.

I warned that more and more teachers will be ending up teaching Pinyin wrongly. Unfortunately this has already been happening for many years now. 

Many intelligent kids are unable to read in Pinyin and will be classified as dyslexic similar to kids learning English.

I wrote about one such teacher who teaches Pinyin and I commented on her YouTube channel and she has yet to respond to my question. Please refer to my post here

As for the two video clips below, I have commented on the teachers post and believe none of the teachers there will respond. They obviously do not know why I say they are wrong. These teachers do not even know what Pinyin is about.  

I tagged the following on Twitter and Facebook: South China Morning Post @SCMPNews;

Chinese Embassy in US @ChineseEmbinUS; China Xinhua News @XHNews and many others whom I thought would be interested in reducing illiteracy among the Chinese in China, to no avail. I also sent an email to the Education Minister HUAI Jinpeng but my email was returned.

The two videos below are posted by Wuyue May found at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100073924385859




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Luqman michel said...

Here is the first comment on my post on Face Book.
Amazing China
Lion Luqman Michel what do you mean when you tag my fanapage on your post?

Here is my reply:
Just trying to find out if there are any Chinese teaching Chinese anywhere around the world who will be interested in reducing illiteracy around the world. You don't think there is any problem with the way Pinyin is taught in the above clip?

Amazing China Your page says 'entertainment website'. You are teaching Chinese and that would make your website an educational website.