Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lesson 5 - OG


Sound out the sound that the letter ‘o’ makes in the word ‘dog’.

Sound out the combination of the letters ‘og’.

Ask him what sound would ‘rog’ make.

Tell him the sound of ‘r’ (which he will know by now) rrr + og = ‘rog’.

He should know it by now, otherwise just sound it out to him.

Sound out the individual sounds of the letters and combine the three sounds to form ‘rog’.

Then add the letter ‘f’ in front of ‘rog’ and ask him what it would sound like.

By now he should be able to sound out the word ‘frog’.

Otherwise, just go back and do it a few more times until he gets it.

‘Fr’ is a consonant blend. I will explain this in another lesson. For now just teach him the way I have explained above.

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