Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lesson 6


This is a continuation from the previous lesson.

You may explain the sound made by the combination of the letters “fr”.

Sound out the sound ‘f’ makes and the sound created by joining it with the letter ‘r’.

‘Fr’ is a consonant blend. A consonant blend is when two or three consonants are blended together.

They combine to make a separate unique sound. There are beginning consonant blends and ending consonant blends.

Examples of beginning consonant blends are : ‘bl’ as in black; ‘fl’ as in fly ; ‘spl’ as in split and ‘str’ as in street.

Examples of ending consonant blends are : ‘nk’ as in rank ; ‘ng’ as in sing ; and ‘sk’ as in desk.

I would not burden the child with all these explanation. Just tell him the sound that ‘fr’ represents.

Better still just teach the word ‘frog’ the way I explained in the previous lesson.

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