Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dyslexia and comprehension - final part

I was dyslexic; I had no understanding of school-work whatsoever. 
I certainly would have failed IQ tests. And it was one of the reasons 
I left school when I was 15 years old. And if I - if I'm not interested 
in something, I don't grasp it.
Richard Branson

I hope this article will convince those of you who may still be a little sceptical that reading comprehension problem of a dyslexic is only a temporary problem as with any child who has not learnt to read fluently.

Let us start by reading a little about Vince Flynn:
Vince Flynn (born April 6, 1966) is a best-selling American author of political thriller novels.  He lives with his wife and three children in Twin Cities. He is a frequent guest on the Glenn Beck  program on the Fox News Channel.  He also served as a story consultant for the fifth season of the 24  television series.

In an effort to overcome the difficulties of dyslexia, Flynn forced himself into a daily writing and reading regimen. Quotes Flynn: "I started reading everything I could get my hands on, Hemingway, Ludlum , Chancy , Tolkian, Vidal. I read fiction, non-fiction,  anything, but I especially loved espionage."

His new found interest in such novels motivated him to begin work on a novel of his own. While employed as a bartender in the St. Paul area, he completed his first book, Term Limits, which he then self-published.

To continue reading the article in Wikipedia visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vince_Flynn

Vince has already written 12 best-selling novels. How did one so tortured by words become a prolific writer of intricate plots? If dyslexics do have a reading comprehension problem how did he choose to be a writer leave alone write 12 best-selling novels?

Vince came to know that basketball star Al McGuire had overcome his dyslexia after college by revisiting the fundamentals of reading and writing, and he decided to follow Al’s footsteps. Now, I believe, this is the key to why many dyslexics become good readers in their adult life. If the fundamentals of reading and writing had been taught to these dyslexics in a way suitable to them they would have done extremely well in school and need not have dreaded going to class.

Now in his forties Vince writes a new book each year and reads many books while doing so.    Had there been early intervention he would have fared better in his school days and need not have ‘suffered’ as he did when asked to read aloud in class. 

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