Monday, August 20, 2018

A comment on my book

This morning I had a pleasant surprise reading a comment on LinkedIn from an educator. 

I am sure Dr. David Pinder will implement the strategies in my book. Here is his comment on my book on LinkedIn.

"I really enjoyed reading your book! It was insightful and provided interesting anecdotes to move student learning! Thank you Michel Luqman!!"

 Here is his impressive profile on LinkedIn. He will definitely reduce illiteracy in the schools under his supervision and it will them spread throughout the US and the world.

David Pinder is a life-long educator whose career has been marked by success in empowering educators and students, developing high performing professional learning communities and implementing strategies that drive accelerated student achievement gains!

Dr. Pinder currently serves as a High School Superintendent in DC public schools. With a focus on rigorous instruction and strong school climate, student achievement is on the rise. Under his leadership, student suspensions have decreased dramatically and student achievement has shown marked growth for all subgroups of students.

Prior to his role as Cluster Superintendent, Dr. Pinder served as Executive Director of New Leaders, DC to attract, train and support the next great leaders in education. David worked to support more than 60 New Leaders principals in the DC area as well as to expand New Leaders reach in the DC region.

As principal of McKinley Technology High School from 2007-2013, Dr. Pinder led a team of educators that moved student achievement to significant growth. Under his leadership, McKinley students advanced more than 30% in proficiency in math and 20% in reading. In 2012, McKinley reached the coveted 90/90 status: 91% (61% in 2006) of students scored proficient in reading and 92% scored proficient (49% in 2006) in math. McKinley was awarded the National Blue Ribbon in 2012; the only school in DCPS to receive the award that year.

Dr. Pinder was awarded the 2012 DCPS Principal of the Year.

Dr. Pinder earned his doctorate from Johns Hopkins University in Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education in August 2016.

Dr. Pinder has served as a teacher, department chair, Academy Coordinator, AVID Coordinator, Coach, Assistant Principal and Principal. He is an America Achieves Fellow. David was the 2004 Alternative Educator of the Year in Baltimore County for his work with at risk students.

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