Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Wilful Blindness - A revisit

Yesterday, while surfing the internet I came across the word wilful blindness. 

Most of the ‘educated’ professors in UK as well as the USA and Australia, I have dealt with, simply cannot accept that a majority of children classified as dyslexic are actually shut down kids who shut down due to wrong teaching.

Here are a few excerpts from a post on my blog in September 2017 on wilful Blindness.

Experts in ‘Children of the Code’ have said:

    “….if children don't have the right experiences during these sensitive periods for the development of a variety of skills, including many cognitive and language capacities, that's a burden that those kids are going to carry; the sensitive period is over, and it's going to be harder for them." - Dr. Jack Shonkoff, Chair, National Scientific Council on the Developing Child

    “Most struggling children are struggling because what they learned in the past is inadequately resourcing or maladaptively directing their current learning.

    The most important step toward improving the health of our children’s learning is recognizing, understanding, and minimizing, unhealthy learning.”

    We still don’t have the capacity nor the will to change what it is that we are doing with reading early on and so consequently unless we make those significant changes we are not only going to lose the dyslexics but I am also concerned about these other children; these other struggling readers.” (Nancy Hennessy)

    “….95% of those kids are instructional casualties. These are what we call as NBT – never been taught.”(Reid Lyon)

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