Sunday, July 12, 2020

Ms. Lyn Stone A request

My blog posts are mainly on why kids are unable to read in English.

I believe, there are enough educators who are now convinced that many kids shut down/disengage from learning to read because of confusion as a result of teaching of pronunciation of phonemes wrongly.

As such, I have decided to write one or two posts per week unlike previously where I wrote one post per day.

Now, I have time to look at some of my tweets that have been rebutted by tweeters.

I checked on one such person, Ms. Lyn Stone who had no business clicking ‘like’ on tweets by some Tweeters.

What would Lyn Stone have against me?

I decided to find out and tagged her on a few tweets which she did not respond to.

Now, that I have a little time I checked on the internet and found that she is marketing some products which I believe will be affected by my blog posts that explain why kids shut down/disengage from learning to read.

This is what her blog says:

Bringing high quality, research-supported literacy instruction to teachers and families

My comment: I would love to be educated by her on the following:

i.                      What research report does she have to support why kids shut down from learning to read?
ii.                   Does she have anything to support my findings that most kids can read in Malay and romanised Mandarin but not in English?
iii.                 Since she is a linguist, does she know why they are not able to read in English but able to read in Malay and romanised Mandarin?

Her blog continues with:

Welcome to Lifelong Literacy. I’m Lyn Stone: linguist in private practice, author, education consultant, mother of diverse learners, dyslexia advocate.

You can find out more about each one of my roles on this site. We have free videos, low cost online courses, books for parents and teachers, a regular blog and a wealth of resources to help you in your journey toward lifelong literacy for all.

Is she worried that those who would go for tuition would be reduced if teachers start teaching the correct pronunciation of phonemes of consonants?

Let us hope that she will comment or ask me questions based on this post. Only then will we be able to learn from each other and my readers will benefit as well.

Her profile on Twitter says: Linguist in private practice. What's not working in education hits my students fastest and hardest. Don't take it personally.

My comment: I will be glad to be educated by Lyn Stone as to exactly what it is that is not working in education. What is it that is hitting her students hardest and fastest?

I look forward to Lyn Stone answering my question as to whether there are any research reports stating that consonants should not be taught with extraneous sounds.

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