Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dyslexia - A new beginning...

A New Beginning

When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”
 ~ Author Unknown

I had lost my blog title and could not renew my web-log. My previous web-log was at: www.parentingdyslexia.com. However, my son managed to retrieve the blog posts and we have opened a new account. I will post some of the previous posts as we go along.

I have decided to write again as I am currently teaching a ‘learning disabled’ kid ( I don’t like that term but…) and I see the same pattern as in all my previous students. I think ‘Disengaged learners’ would be a better description of these students. They shut-down when things taught to them do not make sense to them.

I am writing again because I have read research reports that say that there has been a 75% reduction in students classified as reading disabled after research based approaches have been introduced.

My passion for this subject is from the fact that all my ‘dyslexic’ students are able to read well after about 3 months of coaching on a one on one basis. All these students enjoy reading after they have learnt to read. In fact they look forward to coming to my tuition class because their self esteem had returned. They are told, by me, again and again that it is not they who are stupid but the ‘English Language’.

I strongly believe that most reading problems are preventable. I am enthusiastic again after seeing the parents of the current kid I am teaching getting so excited that their son can now read.

I hope that parents with similar kids can benefit from this web-log.

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