Sunday, December 1, 2019

A talk to teachers and parents of a kindergarten

The President, Rotarian Stephen Siaw of the Rotary Club of Luyang made arrangements for me to give a talk to parents and teachers of kindergarten kids in a kindergarten in Menggatal, Sabah.

The talk was held on 22.11.2019. Here are a few of the many photographs taken by President Stephen Siaw.

The lady on the right is a Rotaractor and she did a great job at translating what I spoke from English to Mandarin.

Immediately after the talk she told President Stephen Siaw that she is keen on helping him in our project to reduce illiteracy after she finishes her presidential year in June next year.

Below is a photo of the parents and teachers who attended my talk on why many kids shut down from learning to read in English.

Below is a photo of the President of the Rotary Club and me talking to a parent and teacher.

Note: I am the chairman of the Rotary Community Corps of Bukit Padang.

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Luqman Michel said...

The Rotaractor who translated for me had to pay attention to every sentence in my talk and therefore understood everything I said. That is why she had told the President of Rotary Club of Luyang that she wants to get involved in this project.