Thursday, February 27, 2020

Discourse with Iowa reading research centre

I have written many emails to many universities and professors from 2010 to no avail.

On 16.1.2020 I wrote to Iowa reading research centre on FaceBook as well as directly to an email address provided on the internet. The following is our conversation.

Luqman: Can we discuss why many kids fail to read in English despite all the Scientific research?

Response: Hi Luqman, there are many reasons why students might struggle with reading. There's a lot of great research being done to try and improve literacy instruction and thereby literacy proficiency for all students. Did you have any further specific questions?

Luqman: Thank you for your response. No, Sir, I have the answers to why many kids are unable to read in English. I have done research on this by teaching so-called dyslexic kids on a one on one basis since 2004.

In 2004, I read many articles that said that the main reason why many kids are unable to read in English is due to phonological awareness deficit. I wrote several articles and made many comments in blog posts in 2010.

That theory was subsequently debunked in 2015. Please Google search 'Phonological awareness Luqman' and read one or two of my articles written in 2010. Then we can discuss further. Wish you well.

Do you have any research experts, here I may discuss with, please?

Response: What would you like to discuss?

Luqman: On why many kids can read in Malay but not in English. Is there any researcher or educator in this group interested in discussing this please?
There is one main reason why kids shut down from learning to read. Can you please get a researcher who would be willing to discuss this?

Response: I don't think what you are referring to is a focus of any of our ongoing studies, so I doubt that any of our researchers would be in a position to discuss it at this time. Thank you for your interest!

Luqman: Thank you for your response. If researchers in your research center are not interested in finding out why kids shut down or disengage from learning to read in English then I wonder what else could be of importance that your researchers do. I am telling you that I know why many kids leave school as illiterates and would like to discuss and you say none of your researchers are in a position to discuss this. Allow me to post this in my blog so that the world may know the lackadaisical attitude of so-called researchers. Wish you well.

Note: I have also written  To: on 17.2.2020 and received no reply. This is what I had done since 2010 with many other research institutions and universities.

The following is what is stated on FaceBook as the purpose of Iowa Reading Research Centre.

The purpose of the Iowa Reading Research Center is to improve the literacy proficiency of PK-12 students. To that end, the Center will conduct research in practical settings in order to evaluate the effectiveness of literacy practices and the usefulness of assessments for guiding literacy instruction. All efforts of the Center will be conducted in collaboration with educators, parents, community representatives, and policy makers. Results will have a direct application to literacy policy and education in Iowa.

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