Sunday, February 16, 2020

Presentation to teachers at St.Francis Convent

Yesterday, 15.2.2020 I made a presentation to St.Francis Convent in Kota Kinabalu.
There were 9 teachers who attended my presentation.

The teachers were glad that I had made the presentation and presented me with a small token and a certificate.

The teachers could easily grasp what I presented as they could relate to what I said about kids being able to read in Malay but not able to read in English.

I explained why I prefer to call these students who disengage from learning to read as shut down kids rather than dyslexic kids.

When I spoke about one of my first students' Yoshini Thiagarajan they could not believe that she was once a shutdown kid. Most of the teachers remembered her as one of the top students in St. Francis Convent.

Yoshini Thiagarajan obtained top marks in her Matriculation and is now in the second year in University Sains Malaysia doing a Science course.

Yoshini was one of my first students from whom I learned a lot as to why kids shut down from learning to read. It was she who refused to say out loud the word 'fox' simply because she had learned the sound represented by the letter 'F' as fur/feh.

It was from her that I learned that consonants should not be taught with extraneous sounds. 

Read about why she refused to read out the word fox in one of my first articles here. 

Listen to my YouTube presentation on how consonants should not be taught. 

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