Saturday, January 27, 2024

My blog post’s views


This is to keep a record of the views of different countries that visit my blog.

Here are the countries as of this morning.

This is the first time I am seeing Northern Mariana Islands on my blog. It is just a tiny dot on the map consisting of 14 islands that belong to the US. OMG! What a pleasant surprise.

Another surprise is Ukraine which has been off my screen since the war began. They were one of the top viewers before the war began. Nepal and Bulgaria are new comers. There are more viewers from China which is encouraging. That is a total of at least 46 countries.

This is free statistics provided by Google.

If I were to pay a fee I will get better statistics but this is good enough for now.

Singapore, Malaysia, United States, China, Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, United Kingdom,Australia, Northern Mariana Islands, Japan, Russia, France, India, Ireland, Nepal, New Zealand, Ukraine, Indonesia, Other 55


 Update on 28.1.24. 

United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong

Update on 1.2.24

Sweden, Netherlands, Poland

Update on 2.2.24

Palau islands. I was not aware of such islands until I saw the name on my blog statistics.

Update 4.2.24


Update 5.2.24

Cambodia, Portugal, France 

Update 9.2.24

Morocco, Iran

Update 11.2.24


Update 12.2.24

Türkiye,  Egypt

Update 13.2.24

Luxembourg, Mozambique

Update 14.2.24
Norway, Austria, Malta. 

Update 16.2.24
South Africa. 


Update 23.2.24
Thailand, Kenya. 
Update 24.2.24

Update 26.2.24


Update 3.3.24

South Korea

Update 10.3.24


Update 14.3.24

Sri Lanka

Update 17.3.24


Update 17.3.24

Switzerland, Spain
Update 24.3.24
Moldova,  Seychelles

Update 30.3.24



Lebanon, Brazil


Palau Maps & Facts - World Atlas

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