Thursday, January 25, 2024

Datuk Arifin bin Mohd. Arif- Sabah State minister


Recently I asked someone from Daily Express, what is Sabah’s stand on English being used to teach science and math. I quoted what the Sarawak’s Deputy Minister of Education had said.

"By hook or by crook, Sarawak will continue with its policy to teach Science and Mathematics subjects in English, said Sarawak's Deputy Minister of Education, Innovation and Talent Development Datuk Dr Annuar Rapaee."

"We are doing it and there is no turning back for us. We will go all the way till the students reach form five," he told reporters.

The Daily Express spokesman said that they had recently asked this question to Datuk Arifin Bin Mohd Arif who said that he would get a response from higher authorities.

How can we expect our education levels to improve with such politicians who cannot decide? Do we have to depend on Federal Ministers? 

Unlike Sarawak, procrastination seems to be Sabah's problem and failure.

Despite several emails and tweets, our Federal Minister of Education Puan Fadhlina has still to reply to my email to her dated one year ago. LINK

When is the government to change the education policies? When is Datuk Arifin going to do the job he was appointed for?

Billions of dollars have been allocated to education but the curriculum has remained the same for years.

The percentage of kids leaving school as illiterates has remained the same for decades.


Arifin bin Mohd. Arif (born 8 May 1963) is a Malaysian politician who is serving as the State Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation. Previously, he served as State Minister of Special Tasks. He has served as a Member of Sabah State Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Membakut since March 2004.

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