Sunday, January 27, 2019

My first student for 2019 - Psychological Assessment

On 5.1.2019, a father brought his primary 4 son to me for tuition. He has been diagnosed as a dyslexic by Dr. Fauziah of Gleneagles hospital in Kota Kinabalu. His psychological assessment report done in January this year says that he is ‘strongly at risk of having dyslexia’. 

The report further says that there are five signs of dyslexia, namely: - At Risk Quotient (ARQ) is 2.2 - Strongly at risk; - Spiky skills profile; - Weak literacy (mean 1.25 - in the lowest 5 percent). - Discrepancy of 2 points between fluid IQ and phonological skills - Weak phonological skill (mean 1 - in the lowest 5 percent).

I told the father that I can get the boy to read within 4 months of 3 one hour lesson per week. How do I dare say such a thing when he has been diagnosed as a dyslexic with weak phonological skill?

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Let us together observe his progress. Today – 27.1.2019 will be his 7th lesson with me. I shall record what he reads today and post it here for you to see. I will take one sentence each from his lessons learned to-date and see how he reads.

Meanwhile, please read the story of my two students last year (primary 3 and 5) who were diagnosed as dyslexic and requested by the dyslexia association to go for therapy in Kuala Lumpur for 3 months.

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