Thursday, November 1, 2018

Dyslexia simulation by people with vested interest

Recently I read an article on Dyslexia Simulation covered in KMT 3 News.

Watch the simulation for yourself at

People with vested interest come up with such simulation every now and then and gullible parents will believe it and spend their hard earned money to have the ‘Problem’ sorted out.

I have seen many such simulations and this will go on until man begins to use his brains to think.

I honestly cannot imagine 20% of the world having such a problem.
I honestly do not know how they figured out that this is how dyslexics see letters.
I honestly do not know how the dyslexics eyes adjusts itself when a dyslexic reads Tamil and Chinese characters.

Here is another simulation and a diagram on how dyslexics see alphabets which I read in 2016.

All I can say is Ha ha ha!

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