Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Discussion with Stepehn Krashen (Whole Language Proponent) Part 4

This is a continuation of my discussion with Stephen Krashen, Professor Emiritus at the University of Southern California.

He stopped his discussion and his group administrator said that all comments will be discontinued.

This is what happens when these professors are cornered and have nothing further to say.

Stephen Krashen is definitely an educated guy but may not be learned. He is barking up the wrong tree without knowing the actual sounds of the alphabets in the English language. 

Stephen Krashen Grade level is misunderstand. By definition it is the 50th percentile. Having all children read at grade level means everybody is about average. Impossible.

 Luqman MichelOK. Let us not quibble on grade level. By grade level I meant being able to read like most kids in any grade. The main point it still 'sounds of letters' not being taught correctly which results in many kids shutting down from learning to read. They simply refuse to listen to teachers teaching.

Luqman Michel When I first started doing my 'research' in 2004 I read articles which continuously said that the main cause of kids being unable to read in 'Phonological awareness deficit'. By 2010 I was convinced that the more-than-35-year-old theory cannot be correct as all my students when they came to me were able to read in Malay and those who went to Chinese schools could read in Hanyu Pinyin. I wrote extensively on this to more than 20 universities around the world and to more than 20 professors. No one accepted my views. I noticed many university students visiting my blog in 2010. I believe it was they who had written a research report debunking that theory in 2015. You may read my articles written in 2010 on the internet by searching for 'Luqman phonological awareness deficit'. I also wrote an article 'Dr.Joe Torgessen vs Luqman Michel' which you may read by searching for same on the net.
Stephen Krashen On PA: please see my short papers on this at
My comment now: I could not find any paper on Phonological awareness. My request for the link was now given. There were other papers on which I commented but have not seen any response.

Luqman Michel Thank you Stephen Krashen. I have read some of these in your blog and have made a few comments there too. I would be grateful if you could please respond. Please let us keep an open mind for the sake of kids around the world. If you can please give me the link to your paper on PA I would like to read it.

 Luqman Michel Stephen Krashen I have posted an article on how letter sounds should be taught and how it is being taught currently around the world. This is what is causing kids to shut down from learning to read. This is from my own 'research' over 14 years by teaching kids classified as dyslexics. All that I have learned are from observation and 'interviews' of these kids. Until and unless letter sounds are taught correctly many kids will continue leaving schools as illiterates. Please read and comment on my blog post at

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