Wednesday, November 21, 2018

My emails to our ministers on Astro programme

The more appropriate title may be 'Rancangan Tergendala'. I am taking a short break from my continuation of articles on Stephen Krashen. This is a result of a challenge by some opposition members asking me why I had not written to ministers complaining about matters.

I have written several emails to Dr. Maszlee Malik and to Ms Teo Nie Ching and they do not even have the courtesy to respond. 

Similarly I also wrote to Mr.Gobind Sindh Deo to no avail.

Here are my emails to these ministers who probably do not understand what I am writing about. Now. let us eee if the opposition party members will act on this complaint.

Luqman Michel,,
19 Oct at 06:39

Dear Dr. Maszlee,
Attached please find two documents which I hope will get a response from you.
I am rather disappointed that you do not respond to emails and messages.

If you do not comprehend what I am writing about please feel free to ask me for explanation.

The following video aired on Astro should be banned immediately as it will cause many kids predisposed to shutting down to disengage from learning to read.

Astro has asked me to deal with the producers of the video. My question to you is;Don't we have anyone in our country who can say if the phonemes taught are wrong?

You as a teacher ought to know and I would like a firm answer from you on this matter.

You may find the video here:

Thank you and kind regards,
Luqman Michel

Terminate video on Astro and more
Luqman Michel
19 Oct at 07:15
Dear YB Teo Nie Ching,
I wrote an email and a message on your messenger soon after you were appointed Assistant Minister but did not get a response. If you do not understand my message then do write and ask for an explanation.

The main reason for the high illiteracy rate in our country is the wrong teaching of the phonemes in schools.

I have written about this in my blog since 2010.
Now, Astro has joined teachers around the country to teach the wrong sounds of alphabets.

I have been teaching so-called dyslexic children since 2004 and know that kids shut down from learning because of teaching of wrong phonemes.

For a start please get Astro to stop airing the following programme.
If you do not agree with me then tell me why not.
Here are two attachments I sent to Dr.Maszlee this morning.
Please get back to me if you need further explanation.
Thank you and kind regards,
Luqman Michel
Detrimental Baby programme - request to stop airing
Luqman Michel,,
22 Oct at 10:59
Dear Tuan Gobind Singh Deo,
The proper reason for this brief note is to inform you as Minister of communication and multimedia of the imminent danger Astro is exposing the young people of Malaysia in general and babies especially for airing its BabyTV programme concerning the teaching of phonemes, which, unfortunately, teaches phonemes wrongly.
I have brought this matter to the attention of Astro since 13th September 2018. My letters to Astro CEO, Mr. Henry Tan have not been replied to.

The Astro staff have, however, responded but their replies are just evading the real issue.

You may also refer to my posts on my blog regarding this matter at michel -vs- astro -and-baby-tv-part.html
Mr. Gobind, I am the first person in the world to discover why kids leave school as illiterates. I have successfully taught more than 60 so-called dyslexic kids on a one on one basic directly since 2004 and a few thousand indirectly via my blog since 2010 at

Programmes such as the one aired by Astro will cause many thousands of kids to shut down or disengage from learning to read in English.

I have written three emails to Dr.Maszlee Malik and two emails to Puan Teo Nie Ching and awaiting their replies.

Attached, please find attachments to emails sent to Dr. Maszlee which explains my stand on the wrong teaching of phonics. 

Please look into this immediately.
Kindly acknowledge receipt of this email.
Thank you and kind regards,
Luqman Michel

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Luqman Michel said...

Of course, there has been no response from opposition party members because they have no idea of what I am talking about.