Saturday, September 12, 2020

Can I change your mind about changing minds – Emina McLean (Part 2)



           Who we trust

 Liking and looking for information that confirms our views is dangerous in the age of prolific information sharing online, because we start to associate information that makes us feel good with the people who share it, and we pay even less attention to quality or truth of the information, and share it just because people we like or trust have shared it.


My comment: Emina has again hit the nail on the head. This is clearly seen on Twitter where we have trolls clicking ‘like’ without knowing what they are ‘liking’.


However, this is not restricted to trolls. There are many so-called educators who are heading educational establishments and journalists who do likewise.


There is an excellent example of this on my blog posts at


A teacher, Summer Howarth accused another teacher Dr. David Zyngier of bullying teacher Steph Le Lievre.


None of the supporters of Summer Howarth paid any attention to the truth of the matter. When asked direct questions by Dr. David Zyngier and me not one of them responded.


Again this is not restricted to troll but many others who appear to be educators. They not only click ‘like’ but make some silly comments which when queried are not responded to.


I will keep this post short for those who may be interested in finding out the details on my blog at

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