Thursday, June 15, 2023

Different perspectives – Part 1


In the image above, some people can only see the young lady and some can see only the old woman. Very few can see both the young and old.

If you see a situation from one angle only, you see very little of it. Besides, while you may see a situation from one angle, others will see it from another.

Here are tweets between me and one guy called Kareem J. Weaver.

Kareem J. Weaver @KJWinEducation Jun 1


Daughter was identified after 10th grade. Nephew was identified in the penitentiary. School was a unique hell; both are now thriving

For the past 16 years, I have been learning about why kids are unable to read. I was curious if this guy may add a little to what I know and so I tweeted as follows:

Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel Jun 2

The question to ask is, how/why are both of them now thriving? What changed?

This is what I researched and have the answers to.

How is a grandma in California able to get her 2 grandchildren to read? Read my latest post at

12 days later Kareem J. Weaver tweeted as follows:

Kareem J. Weaver Jun 14, 2023

1 went to the penitentiary. They figured out she was dyslexic. Later went to a junior college. Worked a program for reentry.  Got a job.

The other was tested before 11th grade. Identified as dyslexic, realized why she was struggling, reclaimed her self-esteem.

No blog needed

(I believe Kareem made a typo. The tweet on Jun 1st talked about a boy and a girl whilst the tweet on the 14th Jun is about 2 girls.)

I hoped to have a discussion with him to learn directly from him but…

What I have learnt about kids being sent to prison is they commit crimes to avoid shame. They are smart kids who cannot understand why they are unable to read unlike the rest in class who may not be as smart as them. They are then taught in prison and many of them become good readers.

Read my post on prison inmates who beat Harvard students in a debate. LINK.

Could that boy have been prevented from going to prison? I believe so. Had someone taken the trouble to talk to him when he misbehaved and did some intervention he may have not landed in prison.

Many of my students misbehave when they come to me for tuition. As soon as they are able to read they regain their self-esteem and stop misbehaving.

I asked Kareem to read my post as that is a post about the grandma in California I guided. She said that her grandson is now keen on studying and he has regained his self-esteem.

I wish Kareem had told us what both had realised? Why were they struggling? What changed?  

Coincidentally, I saw the following tweet, which appears apt, by a friend immediately after responding to Kareem's Tweet.


They call good evil and evil good. There are those who are so easily offended that they lose their ability to ever discern any truth, and this is often derived from a sort of frenzy by way of their own masked prejudice. Criss Jami




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