Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Irresponsible tweets Part 1


Geraldine Carter is the Founder and Director of Piper Books. 

26.6.2023, Geraldine Carter @ged10  Tweeted the following:

Autonomy in training medics?  Teacher’s judgement, observation, adjustment to situation is important but there's only 1 alphabetic code just as one heart, liver etc. Look at high levels of illiteracy in US, Canada, N.Z. Aus inc. prison & YO. Teacher’s using 'balanced' lit. result in this tragedy.


The following is my reply to her tweet:

Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel Jun 26

One alphabetic code? This is true in Bahasa Malaysia where the only letter that has 2 sounds in the letter E.

Is this true with the English Language?

All the vowels represent a minimum of 3 sounds.

Vowel A:

A as in ace,

A as in about

A as in all

A as in apple

A as in arm



G as in giant

G as in giraffe

G as in grass


Geraldine Carter was (I am not sure if she still is) a member of Reading Reform Foundation of UK. Doesn’t this woman know that letters in English represent more than one sound. I list below the sounds represented by the other vowels:

Sounds represented by the letter O

O as in oat, obey, old and over.

O as in object, occupy, offer and office.

O as in onion.

O as in ooze

O as in orchard, orchid, order and orchestra.


Sounds represented by the letter “I”

I as in idea, iron, island and item.

I as in ignorant, ill, improve and in.

I as in irk


Sounds represented by the letter e

E as in each, eel, equal and evil.

E as in earn, early, earth and err.

E as in ebony, echo, elbow and elephant.

E as in eight, eighteen and eighty.

E as in either

E as in ewe.


Sounds represented by the letter ‘U’.

U as in umbrella, under, up and ugly.

U as in uniform, unit, urine and use.

U as in urban, urchin and urge.


To reply to her tweet above that said that ‘Teachers using ‘balanced’ literature results in this tragedy I tweeted the following:


Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel Jun 26

'Teachers know very well that in each class there is a group of children who learn to read easily, whatever method of teaching is used; a group who learn steadily and gradually succeed; and a group of children who struggle and frequently fail.'

The above is from a member of @Reading Reform Foundation UK of which you were a member.

Read more here.

SoR advocates such as Geraldine Carter will Tweet whatever that comes to their mind to smear Balanced Literature.


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