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Different perspectives – Part 4 – Blocking


Here are two tweets I have a different perspective on.

Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward  Jun 13, 2023

I'd add.... ignore blatant attacks because there is no good that will come from responding.

Pick your battles & find inroads but ignore dead-end streets that lead only to a childish Twitter battleground. I learned this lesson the hard way. Share legitimate info & avoid the fray

Dr. Sam Bommarito @DoctorSam7 Jun 14

I just gave that same advice in the comments to my blog. If it's apparent the person wants to attack rather than discuss, simply block them. Picking your battles is critical, some of them purposely say outrageous things to get you to go down an off-topic rabbit hole.

I don’t ignore blatant attacks when they are silly and evil.

Many so-called educators have blocked me on Twitter as well as on LinkedIn. I am proud to say I have not blocked any.

I shut them up by posting their tweets on my blog. I don’t give them a chance to lead me down an off-topic rabbit hole.

By ignoring or blocking those I disagree with I allow them to propagate lies on social media. Obviously, I can’t be policing all those who write nonsense but when I see their tweets I state what I have to state until they leave me or block me.

Here are a few examples of those who blocked me:

Jo Anne Gross

She blocked me on LinkedIn when I wrote that phonological awareness deficit is not the cause of dyslexia. In 2010, I also started promoting my Free of charge lessons on my blog for parents of kids unable to read. If teachers and parents know why kids are disengaging from learning to read, then Jo Anne Gross as an intervention business owner may lose business.

Here is part of her arrogant response:

I speak to reading researchers, notice Tim Shanahan‘s blog.

In 2015, Timothy disagreed with me when I wrote on his blog that Phonological awareness deficit is not the cause of dyslexia. In 2017, he changed his viewpoint when research reports supporting my view surfaced. He did not block me but did not respond to my comments on his posts.

Read my post on the nonsense this woman, Jo Anne Gross, wrote. Link.

Read what Debbie Hepplewhite who says she is a Phonics consultant/trainer. Author of Phonics International, No-Nonsense Phonics, wrote before blocking me.

Keep in mind she is a member of the Reading Reform Foundation of UK.

Read more about this woman and my discussion with her. LINK

On 12.1.2021 I realised that one Gale Morrison @GaleMorrisonEd, Parent education advocate, blocked me. Why do people block me? I believe I am a threat to their business.’

Dr. David Boulton was the first man to block me on LinkedIn for disagreeing with him. He blocked me and immediately removed two of the videos I had complained about.  The videos he had recommended were teaching phonemes of letters wrongly.

This guy spent millions of taxpayers money over more than 10 years of research and came up with zilch. The following is his answer to my question on the results of his research.

 Children of the Code avoided advocating solutions so as not to be dismissed as having an agenda other than learning deeper into the challenge.

Another arrogant woman who blocked me is High Five Literacy@FaithBorkowsky

I think it is arrogant of Faith to say:

Are men interested in literacy? It doesn’t look like it.

The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance. (Einstein)

Read more about Faith Borkowsky HERE.

Here is what another woman twitted and my response before being blocked by her:

Jennifer Buckingham @buckingham_j

Dyslexia is widely misunderstood and can have a devastating impact on a child and their family if it is not identified early and appropriate teaching is provided. Find out more and support #CodeREaD's efforts to help all children learn to read by following the links below.

I responded by tweeting the following:

1 in 10 Australians struggle with dyslexia every day?

And do the words disappear from the page they read as shown in the video clip?

This is done by the dyslexia proponents to con parents.

Then, I tweeted the following:

Hello, again Professor Jennifer.

I have read countless articles on dyslexia since 2004.

Not one of my students had the problems shown in the following video which is similar to the clip you attached.

Read more of the silly and evil nonsense this woman, Jennifer Buckingham, wrote. LINK  

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