Saturday, June 24, 2023

Right to read - Movie Review – Part 3

Minute 34.50: If they don’t know the sounds of the letters they are not going to know how to read.


This is nonsense propagated by the puppets of the powers that be.

The brain is powerful enough to figure out how to read despite not knowing the sounds of the letters. 

An extreme example will be those deaf and dumb who can read and write as well if not better than those who can hear.

How do the kids with Auditory Processing Disorder learn to read? LINK.

How did the kids who were taught sounds of letters wrongly learn how to read? Listen to the video taken in 2019 in Perth where two Australian girls sound out the sounds of letters wrongly and yet were able to read the nonsense words correctly. LINK


44.28: Most teachers are not taught the basics of this science and their teacher preparation program. They are mostly not taught this in the professional development they get in the job and a whole lot of teacher books and curriculum and materials and instructional practices that they learn in their school and from each other and are not backed up by what we know about how the brain actually learns to read. There is a gigantic gap between research and practice.


Another load of garbage. Does Emily or Kareem know how the brain learns to read? Who are these people trying to kid?

Where is the research to says how the brain learns to read?

Yes, ‘There is a gigantic gap between research and practice’ in many areas.



51: Publishers making millions of dollars off our kids and only a third of them can actually read.


This is not something new. Now that new books are being published under SoR curriculum who will benefit the most?

Only a third can read? Why so? When I give the 3 main reasons why kids are unable to decode many of the educators keeps asking me about vocabulary and comprehension. What a silly thing to say? I am talking about decoding and they talk about vocabulary and comprehension. Vocabulary can be easily built by parents/ teachers / friends talking with the kids. If kids listen to English most of the day, why will they have a comprehension problem and anyway what does it have to do with decoding?


52.58 Kareem: These begin with phonemic awareness, the pillar that is often overlooked. Scientifically based, research based and evidence based technology. We got to have a safety net for these kids. We can’t allow another generation to fall through the cracks.


They spoke about phonological awareness deficit for 45 years and when that theory was debunked they now talk about phonemic awareness.

At minute 20:45 they said: Children already have this phonological processing system where they can hear the sounds and words.

Desmond Tutu said: ‘There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they're falling in.’

I have already found out why they are falling in but educators everywhere can’t understand and instead of debating start bickering and block me. 


103: We were actually following the evidence in the science in terms of how people learn to read. We may be able to reduce the percentage of people who truly struggle with reading to as little as 3%.

It is said that illiteracy is one of the most solvable issues of our time. We have the research; we have the practice. We have to do what is best for children.


I’ll bet that this debate between phonics vs whole language / balanced literature will continue until someone becomes aware and understands what was said by Thorndike more than a hundred years ago.

I managed to complain and delete many videos on the internet that were teaching sounds represented by letters wrongly. When I complained to Reading Reform Foundation UK Debbie Hepplewhite did not think that there was a problem with Baby TV being aired in many countries.

Please connect the dots between what was said by Thorndike in 1913 and the effect of programmes such as Baby TV that toddlers are exposed to.

When these kids, exposed to the initial wrong teaching via Instructional videos and kindergarten, go to schools which teach the sounds of letters correctly they will not be able to scaffold the new correct sounds to what they had been exposed to earlier. They then shut down/ disengage from learning to read and are then wrongly classified as dyslexic.


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