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“Are men interested in literacy?” A tweet by Faith Borkowsky 16.2.2022


High Five Literacy@FaithBorkowsky·

Why aren’t more men following my Facebook High Five Literacy page?

Do men read? I hope so…

Are men interested in #literacy? It doesn’t look like it.

I’m sure every father wants to see his child reading. And I know male educators want their students to read.

I just don’t think enough men take an active role in advocating for better #reading instruction.

We need male role models for kids, and we need men involved with literacy initiatives.


My immediate response:

Could it be because you block men who disagree with lies you perpetuate?

High Five Literacy@FaithBorkowsky·Jan 2

Replying to @sandiestone9 and @luqmanmichel

I blocked Luqman and suggest you do the same. (See note below)

Read more on my post here on her lies.

Further comments from me:

Why would I follow her on Facebook when she does not even have answers to simple questions after having been a teacher for more than 20 years?

Neither she nor her friends will dare to comment on my findings that a majority of kids classified as dyslexic are in fact instructional casualties. The instructional casualties have been taught sounds represented by letters with an extraneous sound.This is the main answer to her question on the image above - Why your kid continues to struggle?

If this fact on why kids struggle is widely known, all those businesses dependent on intervention/ remediation will lose business.  

The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance. (Einstein)

I think it is arrogant of Faith to say:

Are men interested in #literacy? It doesn’t look like it.

What does she mean when she says she thinks men are not interested in literacy? I have been writing my blog posts for more than a decade. Many parents use my free of charge lessons and have been successful in teaching their disengaged kids to learn to read. I have written a book on why kids shut down/disengage from learning to read and it has received good reviews as can be read on Amazon. LINK.

There are many other men who also write books and blogs on literacy.

Fear or stupidity has always been the basis of most human actions. Einstein

I believe it is her fear and her stupidity that made her tweet asking others to block me. If there is anything that she or any of her friends disagree with me they should comment on my blog posts. Let us have a healthy discussion/debate.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth” – Gautama Buddha


Here is what transpired –

On 1.1.2022

sandie stone@sandiestone9· Replying to @FaithBorkowsky

failing methods, failing assessments, failing admin, teachers that understand and teach phonics are punished

On 2.1.2022 I tweeted as follows:

Luqman Michel@luqmanmichel· Replying to @sandiestone9 and @FaithBorkowsky

"...teachers that understand and teach phonics are punished" When did this start happening? I have not heard of such a thing ever!

Faith Borkowsky then tweeted:

High Five Literacy@FaithBorkowsky·

I blocked Luqman and suggest you do the same.

Why in the world would Faith ask Sandie to block me for asking a simple question?

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