Monday, November 29, 2021

Jo Anne Gross and other blockers

Too many so-called educators on social media block me. They block me to prevent truth being known by others. They misrepresent to promote their products.

Jo Anne Gross was one of the first to block me. She blocked me on LinkedIn when I wrote that phonological awareness deficit is not the cause of dyslexia. In 2010, I also started promoting my Free of charge lessons on my blog for parents of kids unable to read. If teachers and parents know why kids are disengaging from learning to read, then Jo Anne Gross as an intervention business owner, may lose business.


I have not seen her posts on any social media since I was blocked. The following are her comments and my response in a post on Educhatter on November 24, 2021.


Jo Anne Gross


Given the opportunity to learn, teachers couldn’t be happier to learn.

Sadly, the infestation of Fountas &Pinell in Ontario school boards creates a tremendous disconnect.

The teachers learn and expand their knowledge and return to administrations that are stunted, they did not grow and continue on this erroneous non evidence based path.




“Given the opportunity to learn, teachers couldn’t be happier to learn.”

How does one learn by blocking someone from all social media for giving his opinion?

You were the first person to block me on Twitter after blocking me on LinkedIn.

It is unbecoming for anyone, let alone a so-called educator to block anyone from commenting.

One should be allowed to comment as long as the comment is relevant. Let other readers who want to read, read and learn from the experiences of others.

How do we ever learn if we go around with blinkers thinking we know everything there is to know?


Give me one good reason you blocked me.


Jo Anne Gross’s arrogant response:


I speak to reading researchers, notice Tim Shanahan‘S blog.

I am not on social media to discuss your views but to solidify and grow my research knowledge because I train many teachers and I owe it to them to focus on that.

That’s my job.

You have been blocked by many.




Yes, those who block me are all who sell products or provide services. Strange you mention Timothy. He could not respond to two of my questions. But, he did not block me. He leaves my comments on his blog for others to read.

All who have blocked me are afraid that my FOC lessons on my blog will hurt their business.


My comment now:

If I want to speak with reading researchers, I will write to them as I did with many researchers since 2010. No one is insisting that anyone should discuss my views but why delete comments and block me. If anyone does not want responses from readers then why at all write on social media. If this woman wants to speak with Timothy then she should write to him and not comment publicly. 


Yes, many have blocked me and go to the extent of lying to confuse readers and buy their products and services. They are afraid my FOC lessons that can get kids to read within 4 months of one-hour lessons 3 times a week will affect their products and services.


Here is part 3 of my post on Sara J Peden, Debbie Hepplewhite and Sue Lloyd. Why would Debbie Hepplewhite and Sara J Peden block me?


Here are emails to Reading Reform Foundation written to Debbie Hepplewhite that did not get a response. I was subsequently blocked by her for asking a response. How does Reading Reform function with people like Debbie Hellpewhite there as a committee member?


Many others have blocked me for expressing my point of view.

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