Sunday, November 21, 2021

No one wants to be sold but everyone wants to buy


I spoke to my son about what I tweeted to Tisha Rarendra (see below) and told him that I think she will not write as requested by me. He then told me that no one wants to be sold but everyone wants to buy and I have used that statement for the title above.

Tisha Rajendra @TishaRajendra Nov 20 Replying to @JoAnneGross1


Not Kilpatrick. I attended a webinar with Katherine Miles, one of Ehri’s advisees. The topic was HFW (High Frequency Words) and orthographic mapping. My son has excellent PA (Phonemic awareness) and always has. But he needs dozens and dozens of exposures to orthographically map a word.

He’s seven. Just out of curiosity, what would you recommend?


I then Tweeted as follows:

Tisha, please DM me. I know what your son's problem is. You have nothing to lose.

OR email me at

Then I decided to tweet the following:

“Orthographic mapping doesn’t work well for students who struggle with letter-sound knowledge or who do not have proficient phonemic awareness skills.”

This is a misrepresentation made for decades by those with a vested interest. (I tagged @TishaRajendra).

You don't need letter-sound knowledge or have proficient phonemic awareness to map orthographically.


I did not expect Tisha to email me as she had already told me “I’m gonna listen to the developmental and cognitive psychologists who research dyslexia rather than someone who has a sample size of 70. Thanks.”LINK.


Is her child more important than her ego?


If I knew any child who has a problem to orthographically map a word and there was someone who assured me that he could help fix that problem and it was free of charge, I would ask for his help immediately.


No, no one likes to be sold but everyone likes to buy. I have offered free tuition to parents with kids unable to read and I have had no takers. My son suggested that I should charge for my services and donate the fee received. This makes sense as anything free of charge is not appreciated.


Yes, everyone likes to buy. When they want to buy and they come to you that is when their minds are open to what you have to ‘sell’. This is what happened to the mother from Bengaluru, India; the mother from Kenya, Africa LINK; the mother/teacher from Victoria, Australia LINK; the mother of the child from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah whom I am currently teaching via Zoom and all the more than 70 parents who came to me on their own accord. LINK.


Note: JoAnneGross1 was one of the first person to block me as she was trying to sell her 'ware'. All her Tweets on Twitter are blocked.


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