Saturday, July 1, 2023

A big Thank You to my Readers

                                        The image above is the readers for the last week of June 2023.

Thank you to the readers of my Dyslexia blog

I am recording this for posterity.

Today, I’m grateful to you, my readers, for your support.

June was the first month since I started my blog to have an average of more than 1000 readers per day.

All Time560202

This Month38435

The readers for the last week of June were from the following countries.

Singapore 7,720, United States 263, Malaysia 87, Canada 32, France 27, Germany 20, United Kingdom 15, India 13, China 9, Australia 6, Israel 6, Poland 5, Netherlands 4, Ireland 3, Belgium 2, Hong Kong 2, New Zealand 2, Russia 2 Brazil 1, Other 14.


For the first 27 days in June, Singapore viewers were more than 1,000 a day. Perhaps an organization from Singapore had some interest in the topics I had written. They viewed most of my posts.


When will our Malaysian counterparts have some interest in reducing illiteracy?


Last year I had a few days of more than 1,000 viewers per day from Hong Kong. 


My second most number of readers after the US, for many months in the last few years, were from Ukraine. Since the war started I have not seen any. I hope the war will end soon. I understand from a Ukrainian that the reading level in English leaves a lot to be desired.

I hope to attract more readers from India and China and hope to reduce the number of illiterates in both countries via by blog posts.

I am going to promote my book ‘Teach your child to read’ in India. It is going to be a costly affair but I hope the sales will be able to at least cover a major portion of the cost of the book and the promotion.

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