Monday, July 17, 2023

Be respectful and professional - Dr. Sam Bommarito


Here is an excerpt from Dr. Sam’s blog. In general, I agree with what he says.

‘…educators should fairly evaluate all evidence “regardless of whether the conclusions are inconsistent with your beliefs.” It also says we should “acknowledge differences and discuss them with respect and decency.” Unfortunately, I seldom see this kind of respectful debate on social media posts. I sincerely hope we can find common ground on the essentials of effective reading instruction, and when we disagree, we can do so with respect and professionalism.’

Of course, we should be respectful on social media. But, I am reminded of a Tamil proverb that says that a thorn in the flesh should be taken out with a thorn. I have been respectful of all my comments and posts until recently when I realised that many on social media are there to make money at the expense of distraught parents. I have no respect for those who do not apologise for grave disinformation which is then retweeted or liked by many.


One can imagine the kind of influence these educators have on human minds. Many teachers and parents blindly follow these educators who regurgitate garbage on social media. They repeat what has been said by others without thinking and without caring about how their words will impact the gullible parents and teachers.

Educators should be made to have higher responsibility towards society.

My perspective of freedom of expression and choosing my own path may be quite different from the white man’s world.  

It is my choice, either to follow the leader without questioning them or to question them on what they have written. When they avoid questions I don’t think I need to be respectful because there are many who will suffer and are suffering because of the ego of these educators.

Just because one has a title such as Ph.D. does not entitle him to misinform/ disinform the masses.

One must have humility and hence be a perpetual learner because knowledge is always limited and one cannot ever claim that he/she has become an expert or perfect.

I have always questioned popularly held beliefs and when I am convinced of my discoveries through investigation I believe it is my responsibility to share them with those who may benefit from what I have learned.

Do we fairly evaluate all evidence? Not that I know of.

Do we acknowledge differences and discuss them with respect? No!

When we disagree we should say we disagree and state the reasons why we disagree so that the onlookers will learn from the discussion. Does this happen? No!

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