Saturday, July 22, 2023

Faulty instruction is the cause of kids being unable to read


Here is a comment from Educhatter which I would like you to ponder.

Siegfried Engelmann of blessed memory offered $100,000 to anyone who could send him a child whom he couldn’t teach to read. Engelmann’s money was never collected.

Faulty reading instruction has made tens of millions of innocent children suffer terribly. And it continues to do so.

Why does society not protect these vulnerable children from the misery inflicted by most public schools?

That $100,000 was never claimed. Why not? Because only a fraction of 1% of kids are unable to be taught to read. These are probably kids with some acuity problems.

It was Engelmann, may he rest in peace, who said that only a fraction of 1% are kids who may be classified as kids who are unable to be taught to read. This was stated to the Children of the Code (COTC) interviewer, David Boulton.

Yes, any child who has no acuity problem can be taught to read. I have taught many children who were unable to read even a single sentence when they came to me for one-on-one tuition. My free lessons on the internet since 2010 have also helped many parents to teach their children. I am publishing the lessons now because a grandma in California told me that her grandchildren find it inconvenient to read them on the internet. You may read what this grandma wrote. LINK.

Yes, faulty reading instruction is what has caused and still causing many kids to be unable to read. The dyslexia apostles keep disputing this and finding all kinds of excuses to enable them to mint money from distraught parents of so-called dyslexic kids.

The answer to the question ‘why does society not protect these vulnerable children’ is easily replied with the answer that it is because educators and researchers refuse to accept and implement what I have discovered and listed in my book ‘Shut Down kids’. They refuse to believe that the answer to reducing if not eradicating illiteracy can be as simple as I have discovered.

I have quoted Charlie Munger who said that the human mind is like the human egg.  Once a belief is formed, the mind tends to stick to it, making it difficult to accept new ideas. To be able to think logically one has to be open minded and not be influenced by popular opinion.

This is why despite so many testimonials many people still refuse to accept that all children can be taught to read.





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