Monday, July 24, 2023

Malaysian politicians and our sorry state of education


Our education ministers and politicians rush to do repair works of dilapidated school buildings. But they don't have time to respond to emails suggesting how to reduce illiteracy.

Over the years I have written several emails to a number of our education and deputy education  ministers who do not even respond to emails. I visited Jennifer Lasimbang and gifted her my book Shut Down Kids. LINK.  I have written to Teo Nie Ching, Maszlee Malik LINK and lately to Fadlina Sidek to no avail. LINK

I recently wrote to Datuk Andi Suryady who also does not reply to emails sent.

I wrote an email to the MP Datuk Andi Suryady on 10.7.2023. This was followed by another email on 15.7.2023 to another email address of his. Not receiving a reply, I wrote a message on Facebook Messenger on 16.7.2023. On Monday 18.7.2023 he replied and asked me to send the email via the Facebook messenger which I did. There has been no acknowledgment from him to this day.

Is there any politician who really cares about improving education?

Here is my email to Datuk Andi Suryady.

From: luqman michel <>

To: <>

Sent: Monday, 10 July 2023 at 10:54:36 GMT+8

Subject: Pupils Tuition Centre for Rural students


Dear Datuk Andi Suryady,


My name is Luqman Michel and I live in kota kinabalu.

I read the article in the Daily Express this morning (10.7.2023) on your plans to set up a People's Tuition Centre for rural students.

Datuk, since 2004 I have taught more than 80 students, on a one-on-one basis, who were unable to read and were classified as dyslexic.

I learnt from them why they were unable to read and wrote a book 'Shut down kids' in 2018 which is popular even today. LINK.

Datuk, for your information, my 5 children were all top students of Maktab Sabah, Kota kinabalu. Two of them Faisal Luqman and Hakim Luqman were top students in Sabah. Hakim Luqman took 16 subjects for his SPM and obtained 15 A's and 1 B.

All my 5 children are professionals.

Datuk, I am well-known in the education field around the world. I have a blog that is very popular.

I would recommend you get a copy of my book 'shut down kids' and pass it around to those who would be your teachers for them to understand why many kids are unable to read.

It may be a good idea to get 50 of these books at a discount and pass it on to all your teachers. (I can arrange a discount and get the books delivered directly to you).

Coincidentally, I submitted the manuscript to the publishers of my new book on 'Teach your child to read' which will be useful to your teachers to teach kids in grades one and two so that no kid is left behind.

Let us together eradicate illiteracy.

Please respond and let us move forward.

Kind regards,

Luqman Michel

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