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Why Questions become a threat?


Here is a post on LinkedIn that I have copied verbatim. This comes exactly at a time I have asked an important question -  Why is Singapore number 1 in reading for years. Compared with Malaysia which is number 60 out of 81. 

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Why do Questions become a threat?

People have all answers but if you Question they are left with no answer. Why?

It is because they were never trained to question to find their own answers they have all borrowed answers based on popular beliefs. No wonder we get into a Herd mentality because it feels safe to have the same answers.

Those who speak their mind or raise their voices feel like a threat to a created system.

We lack Independent Thinking minds. We generate Mediocre minds. We have mugged up Facts but no Reasoning power.

We remain Mediocre, and a mediocre mind puts others on a pedestal, become fans of celebs and leaders who appear larger than life, and become sycophants. Hero Worship becomes their goal because their minds have No Questions.

Is this a sign of a Growing society?

My comment:

My post on Anna Stokke's podcast is relevant. I wrote to more than 20 researchers and many other educators disagreeing with the theory that had existed for more than 35 years as at 2010. LINK

None of the researchers/educators have attempted to answer my question on social media yesterday where I asked why Singapore has been number one in reading for many years. LINK

I can accept if there are no answers to my questions but many of these so-called educators delete my comments, block me and continue with the same misinformation on social media.

Yes, most of these so-called researchers have no reasoning power. Unfortunately, they are put on pedestals and almost worshipped as the Gods of education. LINK

When they are challenged on their Tweets they ignore the challenge and dig their heads into the ground. I don’t want to name them as there are too many and I have already mentioned them in my blog.

How many educators on social media are independent thinkers? Most of them survive on borrowed answers. They are good at answering questions if they are based on books they have read. When a question that has not been addressed anywhere else is asked they are stunned and give answers such as ‘we agree to disagree’ or turn around and ask for evidence instead of using their heads to think.

Questions that make these researchers/educators think are avoided as thinking is one of the hardest things.

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