Friday, December 8, 2023

Trivia & my book - Teach Your Child to Read.


Perhaps many of you already know this but I just learned it a few days ago. We don't need an ISBN number for printing and selling our books directly. We need it if we are marketing them through a third party - shops etc.

The above image is the amended book cover for the printing in Kota Kinabalu.
The original ISBN number has been deleted and the name of the original publisher removed.

I have checked and see that postage for a copy to Sarawak and West Malaysia will be Rm8. Including packaging and transport, Rm10 is a reasonable price.

So, for those in West Malaysia and Sarawak and other parts of Sabah, the cost per book will be Rm30 which is still so much cheaper than the price on the Internet of RM65.
Contact me if you are in Malaysia and would like to buy a copy. It is not available in book shops.

Here is the book on the Internet. LINK

Please share this info with your contacts.

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