Saturday, December 23, 2023

A sample of my book Teach Your Child to Read


The following is a sample of my book on Amazon. LINK

Click on the image and read the notes and preface. Scan the QR Code on page 17 and listen to lesson 1. This can be done only on a laptop or a desktop. This is not possible on a hand phone. 

However, the QR code on the book can be scanned on a hand phone.

Listen to exactly how the letters are pronounced without any extraneous sounds.

This book is available in Malaysia at RM25 if collected from my house.

For delivery in Sabah add Rm 8. (Total RM33 including postage).

For delivery to other parts of Malaysia add RM13. (Total RM 38 including postage)

It is available on the Notion Press website at RM65 including postage. LINK

For those in India it is Rupees 420 excluding postage. Available on the Notion Press website.

Those in the US may get it from Amazon at USD14 excluding postage. LINK

Note: For Malaysians who want the book to be posted please bank in the purchase price into my bank account.

Luqman Michel account no: 200590014607 and send me your postal address together with your telephone number.


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