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Anna Stokke's podcast with Matthew Burns - Part 2


This is a continuation of the podcast by Anna Stokke. (LINK)

Anna Stokke:

Do you see similarities between what happened with reading instruction and what's going on with math instruction?

Matthew Burns:

I do. It's quite analogous, although it's not a complete one-to-one. It's almost like there's a shift in thinking around what constitutes evidence and what constitutes research-based practices. And I think that's cutting across all aspects of teaching and learning…


My comment: I am not sure what Matthew means by ‘there’s a shift around what constitutes evidence and what constitutes research-based practices.’

What I don’t understand is why research-based and peer-reviewed reports are that important when many such reports are nothing but cooked-up material. Read what Daniel Kahneman says. LINK.

Why are all educators against anecdotes? Can’t they think logically anymore and figure out if something makes common sense. 

Researchers whom I wrote to in 2010 stating that the theory that phonological awareness deficit cannot be the cause of dyslexia was not replied to by many. The few who replied disagreed with me and said they would stand by what they had written. That theory was debunked in 2017.

Matthew Burns:

So I do see some consistent things where I see things happening in math and I can't help but wonder, “Why do you do that when the research clearly says that's not the best way?”

My comment:

This is another whole lot of nonsense. Researchers say and every other so-called educator consistently quotes many things that are downright stupid and teachers follow strictly what is stated as research-based.

i.                    Why would anyone say that Dolch words should not be rote memorised? What evidence is there to suggest that high-frequency words should not be encouraged to be memorised? If memorising 220 Dolch words can get a child to read 50 to 70% of words in a book fluently then by all means a kid should be encouraged to memorise them.

ii.                  We have educators like Emina McLean who discourage memorisation of Dolch words and mislead people into believing that Kozloff said it. This woman is from La Trobe University. Can learning 10 sounds of letters enable kids to read about 26,000 words? LINK Why don't any 'educator' disagree with her?

iii.               Where is the research that phonological awareness deficit is the cause of dyslexia? That theory existed for more than 35 years until it was debunked in 2017. In 2015, I disagreed with Pamela Snow, another ‘expert’ from La Trobe University, who insisted that phonological awareness deficit is the cause of dyslexia and she blocked me for disagreeing with her. Tell me how such a stupid theory was repeated by more than one hundred educators? Can’t people think anymore?


Anna Stokke:

Don't you think though that this mistrust could come from things like what happened with reading when people claimed they had research supporting the programs that were being sold to schools and then we find out later that in fact the programs weren't actually evidence-based. Maybe that sort of thing causes people to mistrust research.

My comment:

Yes, and perhaps more than that 'sort of thing'. Most people do not think anymore. They accept research reports as if they were the gospel truth. They accept without questioning those with a vested interest who say that something is backed up by research. Are they that naïve to trust everything that is written.

Anna Stokke:

So in general, do you think there's actually just a science of learning? So we hear about the science of reading, and now there's this new group called the Science of Math, but is it all sort of the same principles? Is there a science of learning that essentially tells us about the best ways to teach novice learners?

My comment:

No, there is no such thing as the science of learning as far as decoding is concerned. No one in the world knows how a kid learns to read.

I don’t know either, but I know what makes most children disengage from learning to read. There is no disagreement on my discoveries which I have detailed in my book Shut Down Kids complete with corroborative evidence. Get rid of the causes I have detailed in my book and reduce if not eradicate illiteracy.

I published a book this year which would get all kids to learn to read. It is based on my discoveries in my book Shut Down Kids. You may get the book Teach Your Child to Read on amazon. 

Read a testimonial from a Grandma from California who used my book to teach her 2 grandchildren. LINK.



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