Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Promotion without mastering the 3R’s (Part 1)

I have been following a post in LinkedIn by a teacher for whom I have high regards for his wisdom in his posts. 

The post talks about Kids being promoted from grade to grade without mastering the 3Rs

In his posts he said: “The feedback I have received from people around the world indicates this is not a problem isolated to the USA. It is worldwide and pervasive.”

My comment: I confirm that this is the case in my country, Malaysia. This was not the case when I went to school in the 60’s.

I have friends in England and Australia who confirm this to be true. A few who commented in the post above have also confirmed the same to be true in their countries.

Bulgaria – Eastern Europe: "The situation in the USA is similar to this in Bulgaria/in Eastern Europe".

United Arab Emirates: "Students being promoted year on year and not mastering the basic skills - this is something that we are unfortunately faced with despite the fact that we acknowledge it exists and would like to change it!"

Nigeria: "Once they did not master their 3Rs, it’s always a struggle for them to catch up in their new class."

Australia: "Been mentioned here in Australia for years!"

As stated by the author of the post, this is the case with most parts of the world.

If this is happening in any other country please comment below. I may end up writing a book (God willing) and this information will be useful.

If we cannot stop the kids from being promoted automatically from grade to grade what can we do to mitigate the impact of this automatic promotion from grade to grade?
(To be continued)


Unknown said...

What do the 3R's stands for?

Luqman Michel said...

Hi Michael, The 3 R's here refer to Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic.
The three Rs refers to the foundations of a basic skills-oriented education program in schools.

Thank you for your comment.