Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Discussion and comments deleted by Dyslexia Advocate Bethany Lee


What a bad habit many people from the Anglo sphere seem to possess?

Many on Social Media delete discussions and comments when they are unable to respond to questions.

All the discussion with Bethany Lee (Beth Any) on her Facebook were deleted all of a sudden.


The only thing that makes sense is that this woman was instructed by someone higher up to delete all the comments.

She was not, however, able to delete our messenger discussion which I have now copied for record purposes.


Here is a small part of our messenger discussion that I had not responded to as I wanted to make sure if this Tim Conway is the same person I had a discussion with in 2017.

2021, August 12 at 3:34 PM

Bethany Lee

Have you seen Tim Conway and the NOW program?

He claims to be a brain scientist and a dyslexia expert

These kids are doing 4-5 hours a day of expensive interventions on top of occupational and speech therapy

Some have been doing it 6+ months with little progress and he keeps telling parents it takes a while to see gains

These kids have been in all day sessions for MONTHS

And then they don’t give progress data.

My comment now:

Tim Conway is one of many so-called experts with whom I had a long question and answer session on LinkedIn in 2017. I responded to all his questions but he was unable to respond to some of my pertinent questions. As soon as the discussion was over Tim Conway deleted the whole of the discussion.

Why do people delete discussions and comments? Why not leave them for other readers for their information and comments?

It is strange that I should get the above comments about Tim Conway on the messenger discussion with Bethany Lee (FaceBook name Beth Any).

This reminds me of the saying by Buddha, 'The sun, the moon and the truth cannot be hidden forever.' 

Here is my discourse with Tim Conway Ph.D.


Note: My FB Messenger now says:  This person is unavailable on Messenger.

This person refers to Bethany Lee. 


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